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Oil of Eucalyptus has been distilled from at least 1788 when two doctors, John White and Dennis Cossiden distilled Eucalyptus for use in treating chest problems and colic. The first works on the antiseptic and bacterial killing properties of the oil were published in Germany by Drs. Colez (1870), Faust and Homeyer (1874). ¬†They classified it as being sudorific, a stimulant, anti catarrhal and astringent. It was prescribed for all respiratory system conditions such as bronchitis, flu, asthma and coughs. These properties are still best known today as “Natures Tree Of Life”.



We are very health conscious. We aim to only give you products that will benefit your lifestyle.


We love to know that your health is in tip top shape, but we also keep in mind that this products comes from our Earth! We make sure that our oils come from a safe and eco friendly environment!


All of our products are made using 100% natural ingredients. 

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For hundreds of years eucalyptus oil has been used by the people of Australia to relieve pain, encourage better and more relaxed breathing, and for the relief of insect bites, minor burns and skin irritations.



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We could offer you a bunch of different products that contain Eucalyptus Oil, but that is not what we do. We want to give you the best Eucalyptus Oil on the market. The Good Stuff is natural, effective, and by all means there is nothing like it. We have worked for years making sure that you receive the highest of quality with our product.


The Good Stuff has tons of beneficial properties for your health. All of them are stuffed in a 2 ounce bottle. Hard to believe right? There are thousands of people who use our products and LOVE it! Hit the button below to see what others are saying about us and how much it has improved their daily lives.

Benefits for you and your furry friends

One of the main reasons why we are so popular is because our product is not just for humans, we take care of our furry friends as well. Dogs feel pain just as much as we do, sometimes even more. Prioritize your dogs health just as you do with yours.

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