Uses of Eucalyptus Oil

From a natural remedy for pain to an in-home fragrance, eucalyptus oil has uses that appear all over the spectrum of a daily life must-have.

Natural Remedy for Bug Repellentall natural bug repellant

Eucalyptus has been commonly found in all-natural bug repellents made of essential oils. Other oils, such as peppermint and lemongrass mixed with Eucalyptus, have also been known to ward off any pestering visitors buzzing around.

Aromatherapy- Relaxation

The aroma of eucalyptus oil has the ability to dilate one’s vascular system, which increases blood flow to the brain, resulting in relaxation and an aid to stress. Increased blood flow may also aid in normal bodily functions, such as healing, pain relief, and over-all health.


Eucalyptus Oil is anti-microbial in nature. This means eucalyptus oil can hamper the growth of bacteria and viral infections, making this product perfect for cleaning, mouthwash mixtures, and the like.

Decongestantnatural cold remedy decongestant

Due to similar anti-microbial characteristics, this essential oil is a safe and effective way to rid any building mucus from your chest and sinuses. Many will inhale the vapors of Eucalyptus oil for this effect using an essential oil diffuser, while others will simply rub a bit of the oil beneath the nose.

Alertness and Stimulant

Because Eucalyptus has the ability to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy oxygen circulation, one of the greatest uses of Eucalyptus oil is the impact it may causes towards your daily alertness. It’s simple. Increased oxygen flow will equate to a fresh and innovative thought process and attention span.

Joint Pain and Muscle Achesnatural remedy joint pain muscle aches

As already discussed, there are multiple benefits that come along with incorporating eucalyptus oil into your daily life. Perhaps one of the most beneficial is the positive outcome the essential oil can have on joint pain and muscle aches. Eucalyptus oil is an anti-inflammatory, and when paired with its blood flow stimulation effect, the perfect remedy for pain is formed. Blood will better flow around aching muscles, speeding and aiding in the body’s natural healing process. Inflammation, often associated with pain, will be reduced by simply rubbing the oil on the targeted area.