Eucalyptus Oil is considered a vasodilator, meaning the vapors been known to relax blood vessels. This mechanism allows for increased blood circulation and flow, aiding oxygen and other transport nutrients to reach muscles and surrounding tissue.

Sinus Relief

We all understand the consuming feeling of not being able to breathe and your head throbbing with pressure. The vapors of Eucalyptus Oil open the airways and nasal cavity. This not only makes breathing much easier, but also thins the layer of mucous that is plaguing the sinus region. You may apply the oil between the upper lip and nose. To relieve breathing problems, inhale the vapors slowly in your nose and out of your mouth. Reverse this a few times over again.

Cough Relief

There have been studies supporting the decongestant properties of Eucalyptus Oil. By applying the Eucalyptus Oil around your chest region or inhaling the vapors, the mucus lining your airways will broken down to make it easier to cough from your chest. Eucalyptus Oil has also been proven to cause an anti-inflammatory effect on inflammation.